Frequently Asked Questions


Hedrad makes Structural Integrated Composite Panels using Kraft Honeycomb Cores. These hexagonal cores are the strongest structures, inspired by nature. Hedrad was the first to pioneer this concept in the world and have successfully executed several building projects in India .
The hexagon cores are made of specially treated Kraft Paper derived from Wood Cellulose Fiber.
The hexagonal honeycomb cores come in varying sizes - typically the cell size varies in the range of 10 MM to 50 MM and the core thickness in the range of 20 MM to 250 MM.
Hedrad Composite Panels offers face materials ranging from Cement Fiber Board to Aluminum, Wood, Steel and Fiberglass.
Primarily building Homes and Warehouses – These Composite Panels make excellent choices for Exterior Walls, Internal Walls, Partitions and Roofing.
Hedrad has developed their technology that is built on sustainability. Research and projects has helped Hedrad present the EcoWasp technology with precise work in Honeycomb panels, Joinery techniques and new-age Speed construction technology perfected .
Hedrad has worked with international organizations, government bodies and NGOs in India, corporate houses and many individual satisfied home-owners.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and Strong
  • Proven life span of 25+ years
  • Cost Effective
  • Fire Resistant
  • Strong thermal insulation properties
  • Has a variety of applications, from construction to furniture to interiors
  • Choice in materials
  • Moisture, fungi and termite resistant
  • All our panels are 99% eco-friendly
Hedrad has built stand-alone independents homes up to two floors, terrace homes add-on to existing homes as well.
No. Hedrad home construction is a non-messy affair. Our designers and architects work on a customized plan, create the panel infrastructure required and then come and build it for you in a matter of days. No pollution at all, so you can continue staying while construction is on.
Minimal noise with electrical hand tools.
Speed is of critical essence in all project executions. The entire Construction Project execution [walls, roofing, flooring, doors, windows, paint, plumbing, electricals and fixtures] can be wrapped up in 7 to 14 working days depending on the size of the project.
Hedrad Composite Panels are extremely versatile and are proven to be excellent eco-friendly alternative to monolithic materials like concrete, wood and steel and other conventional materials like plywood and polyurethane foam.
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