About Us

About Us

Innovation Gene
At the heart of Hedrad is the penchant for blossoming ideas. Concepts that can grow to scale and touch people in various ways. The leadership at Hedrad believes in keeping a balance of man, material and nature, which is another reason that bio-mimicry and the laws of nature are intertwined in the products that the team creates. The natural expression of many such ideas has led the organisation to pitch in ideas in different countries to test the waters. Working with people from all walks of life, the team has consistently created solutions in different situations with a huge scope to scale up the innovation.

- Enterprise Capacity Development : To support in livelihood promotion programs aligned to the corporate values.

- Human Potential Development : To work and support in uplifting human potential and generate confidence building measures.

- Resource Recyclability : To minimise waste and help in reuse of materials in every way possible while reducing carbon footprint.

- Innovation : To visit every solution with many perspectives to arrive at the best way.

- Environment friendly : To keep environmental friendly as the fulcrum to every function.

- Nature Science : To respect solutions that help man coexist with all beings and nature.